IN THE CIRCLE - Three visual poems
To promote emergences between the pictures, photographs are designed for projection
Depending on the project, paper prints are possible

An INTRODUCTION to the video by NC, or the CONFERENCE of a guest author and/or a  PERFORMANCE can be added

POETRY by F. Philipponnat & N. Cabarrot

DANSE    Isabelle Rotolo . Cie EmeraNox

Delphine Desyeux . Axisdanse   

Budget depending on the choice
A videoprojector and a 280 x 210mm screen can be provided
TO BUY A PHOTOGRAPH : please, locate it on the video (minute : seconde) and contact me.
The prints, in the format and on the medium of your choice, are made by Studio AZA - PRO PHOTO LABO in Marseille
or, the file can be sent to a lab near your place of residence - or exhibition.

Because of its graphic theme, this exhibition has often been rented by public libraries and literary events
Travel notebooks "Deltas" Coll. Po& Psy - Eres Edition, read by Nadine Cabarrot, can extend the scope
 Possibility of textual performance, calligraphic or improvised music...
Budget depending on configuration
The photographs are available for sale

Please, contact me.